We are looking forward to having you at the Experience, please feel free to contact us with any further questions!  See you in March!

23823 Malibu Road, Ste. 50-439, Malibu, CA 90265

(t):  844.305.9457

Email:  Joey@davidtutera.com

I have more clarity with respect to what needs to be done for personal and professional growth. I walked out more confident as an individual and entrepreneur after the David Tutera Symposium. 


Things many of us were not expecting and made a great impact on us - 

1)Perfect ambiance/getaway place to learn and grow.

2)Amazing panel and personalities with years of experience

3)Less number of attendees and we had ample time to connect one on one. Creating a long-lasting bond.  

4)Diverse group (age, countries, culture etc)

5)Open dialogue between mentors and attendees

6) Last but not the least Gift Box (I am going to keep the ribbon as well) 

Taanya Sarma - Cary, NC 
Lady Bird Events, Senior Certified Wedding Planner